CTQ Ground™

Delivers the data to your team

Experience unparalleled top-down visibility into checkpoint activity as it occurs, empowering real-time responsive action.

Use CTQ Ground™ to expedite security and improve performance by charting past traffic, examining present lines, and predicting future activity.

Low maintenance, quick install, cost-effective: CTQ’s plug-and-play solution seamlessly integrates with existing operations infrastructure.

CheckTheQ tracks passenger activity at every checkpoint, allowing you to respond to wait times in real-time and enabling you to  share accurate wait times with travelers around the clock.
Our solution is priced so that every airport in America can afford it. Don’t believe us? Let’s hop on the phone.

Add On: CTQ Flow™

Delivers the data to travelers

Share wait times with travelers to shape passenger expectations so they look forward to flying through your airport.

Communicate with flyers through your preferred channels by integrating CTQFlow™ into existing websites, apps, and in-airport monitor displays.

Fundamentally transform the airport experience by supplying the information that over two-thirds of travelers requested last year.